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Fire Ball - Mad 3 - Jack The Violence

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  1. Violence Jack is uncovered among the rubble and demolished granite by the inhabitants of a ruined city, asking him to help the weak people and helping them destroy what, in most cases, are the strong groups commanded by killers and rapists (this is the story line of "Violence Jack: Evil Town").Genre: Horror, post-apocalyptic.
  2. Violence Jack has three OAVs based on three different arcs from the manga (Harlem Bomber, Evil Town, and Hell's Wind). All three have been released in the US, the UK, Italy, and France, but were heavily censored (especially Evil Town). It wasn't until a .
  3. Violence Jack."), is an appropriate title for this Go Nagai series. Three short stories following a really beefy guy that got dug up in the ruins of post-apocalypse Tokyo, Violence Jack is thin on plot, thinner on logic, and (surprise, surprise) very, very, VERY violent.
  4. Mar 11,  · Foolproof is no exaggeration. This cocktail doesn’t require a complex shopping list or carefully carved garnishes. The main players are merely Fireball and hard cider. Sure, you can fancy up the glass with a cinnamon stick or apple slice, but let this new and improved Dynamic Duo handle all the talking. 3. Apple Pie on the Rocks.
  5. This is quite an old and odd collection of short films based on the manga Violence Jack. All 3 parts found on one disc in the official Manga video collection, Violence Jack is set in a dark time of global collapse as a giant earthquake destroys mankind's home and causes everyone to scrounge for life under city ruins, desperately hunting down food and entertainment, splitting off into different /10().
  6. Violence Jack is caught in the crossfire when a new violent war erupts. Meanwhile Mari, a beautiful women, is looking for her lost lover, Ken. User Ratings: ratings have been given [ details ].

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