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Unhooded - Suppression / Reeking Cross - Suppression/Reeking Cross

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  1. SEDEM MINUT STRACHU/REEKING CROSS split (Grindfather ) by Reeking Cross, released 15 March 1. split tape with SEDEM MINUT STRACHU 1-SPIRITUAL POISONING Tower seething ash into corroded skies. Chanting priests carve bodies as they hiss and writhe. Shackles dragged in snow, heathen worm curse and cry. Severed head falls to freeze, polluting field of ice.
  2. SPLIT W/ REEKING CROSS by HOLY GRINDER, released 30 October 1. SUPPRESSION 2. INHIBITOR 3. I.S.D. 4. CLEAN 5. REEKING CROSS SIDE HOLY GRINDER side Drums recorded at The War Room in Toronto, ON Bass, backup vocals and noise recorded at Flathouse in Pickering, ON Vocals recorded at The Watershed in London, ON Bass/Vocals/Noise - Ei Vocals - Ashley Drums - Taylor Pills REEKING CROSS .
  3. * napalm death is dead / reeking cross / captain three leg / kusari gama kill ("human skin lanterns" 4 way split tape) * reeking cross / suppression (split tape) * regurgitated foetus "post mortem foetal extrusion - demo " septic aroma of reeking stench | noisy u/g label and distro septic aroma of reeking stench. home.
  4. Reduction of crossing over within an inversion loop in inversion heterozygotes due to physical constraints during synapsis.
  5. from split cassette with SUPPRESSION (Cadaveric Dissolution/Septik Brain, ) by Reeking Cross, released 06 June 1. from split cassette with SUPPRESSION 25 untitled tracks Jake - drums Mason - bass Doug - vocals.
  6. Crossover suppression is phenomena can be observed within an inversion heterozygotes leading to either deleted or duplicated crossover chromosomes. Crossover suspension happens when two chromosomes, mainly two homologous part of the same chromosome, break and reconnect with the different end of the chromosome.

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